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Social Media

Benefit from over 11+ years of experience to
help increase results on your Facebook & Instagram Ads.


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Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

You shouldn't have to guess which customers are likely to buy from you. That is why with our tailored ads strategy, we optimise your ads to show your product/service to the people who are most likely to buy. We optimise your audiences to ensure you're always getting the highest possible clicks to your ads.

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  • We design and write all the ad wording for you

  •  Create designs to help your ad stand out

  • Set tracking on all your ads to help measure results

  • We audit your ad account to identify areas for growth

  • You receive a full ad strategy to help you scale results

  • Benefit from 11+ years experience to help you create industry leading ads

  • Delivered a weekly report to showcase results

  • We optimise the ads with new targeting, copy and visuals as needed to help you succeed.

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Over £1M

Spend across Facebook & Instagram

Over £5M

Generated across our clients on Facebook & Instagram


Increase return on ad spend by up to 10 times! 

"In 1 month we grew the ROAS from 1.5X to 8.61X"

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"We helped a SUP company within 1 month grow their weekly ROAS from 1.5 to 8.61 by running highly effective targeted ads using a mix of high quality creatives, use of historical data and making sure ad spend was being put to the best use at all times"

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£25,000 New Business

“Ravi at Karma Wolf helped me through their social media training and by using his social media strategy for our content and Facebook and Instagram ads we were able to generate an additional £25,000 of business. “

Thank you Ravi and the Karma Wolf team!”


~ Deepak Shukla CEO Pearl Lemon Agency

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We went from £5k in sales per month to £250k in 6 months!

The home decor company grew from £5K in sales per month to £250K in 6 months and kept a ROAS over 3 each month thanks to our scaling strategy using Facebook and Instagram ads.

Our Team

Why Work With Our PPC Agency?

grow together.

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We deliver a personal service to help you 
every step of the way.

"We went from £15K a month to £400K in sales! 


When we started Gumbies were generating £15K monthly revenue from Facebook ads.

Within 3 months we had helped them to scale and they had reached £400K whilst maintaining the same ROAS (return on ad spend)


Why people love Karma Wolf


Karma Wolf are really genuine and very knowledgeable about all things social media and all the various platforms. There were a few we talked about briefly which I didn’t even know existed! Despite this they patiently explained the way Instagram works, algorithms, merging 2 accounts, doing reels, adding text to posts and reels and so so much more. They really went that extra mile! ~ Vee Bharkada 

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