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Karma Wolf is a social media marketing agency focused on getting business results through social media advertising. With a combined experience of 25 years, our team has worked with brands from all over the world, from startups to multinational organisations. And from dentists to new mobile apps – we've tested it all.

In total, we have deployed over £200,000 in ad spend, which has helped us analyse hundreds of social media advertising campaigns to understand what works and what doesn't.​

Here at Karma Wolf we don't believe in a copy and paste approach to marketing. To help drive results for your business, we tailor each and every client’s campaign to ensure you get the RESULTS you are looking for.

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We research your market, fine tune your targeting to reach your ideal customers, and create graphics and branding that stand out to help drive those all-important clicks.​

We want your business to become stress-free when it comes to advertising on social media.

That is why we:

- Create a social media advertising strategy for you

- Design your graphics and branding for your ads for you

- Research your target audience for you

- Test your ad campaigns for you

- Deliver reporting for you so you can pinpoint  exactly what provides the best results


If you want your business to experience stress-free social media advertising, get in touch today!

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