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Generate sales using social media advertising 

Discover how social media advertising can help your business to target it's ideal customers, leading to more leads, website traffic and sales!

Find your ideal customers

Using Social Media Advertising
Our unique approach to social media advertising means that we are able to generate direct sales and leads for our clients. We do this by taking great pride in our 3 step process. 

1. Fully research your ideal customer base and develop a targeted persona
2. Create a unique advertising audience matching your ideal customer
3. We launch, test and scale your ads to ensure your getting results from your ideal customers.

Delivering Results

Here's just some of our stress-free social media clients....

Why people love Karma Wolf


Karma Wolf very good knowledge of FB campaigns and how to stragersie them. I had a budget of around 1k and I got 2 bookings from that. The ROI was substantial. He did come up with some ideas for which markets we should target also. Some of them worked. I found them personable , calm and easy to work with. They also advised me on how to "market" myself better when corresponding with potential clients by ways of  a better "communicating approach..This was very useful and informative.

 If you are looking for someone who has good knowledge in the area of FB marketing  then i would recommend them! 

Jag Rana - Founder Perfect Image Productions

Are you ready to generate more sales on social media?

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